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I´m happy to announce the opening of the  Art Salon of Salzburg at Trajceski by Velve Noir gallery of modern art wich I´ll be exhibiting among other talented artist from the gallery. The Art Salon follows the ” Salon de Paris”  of 17 concept. The opening is on 29 April at 19:00h.

Feliz em anunciar a abertura do Salão de Artes de Salzburgo na galeria Trajceski by Velve Noir gallery of modern art, onde exibo obras em conjunto com outros artistas de talento da galeria. O Salão de Artes segue o conceito do “Salon de Paris” de 17. A abertura será no dia 29 de Abril às 19:00h.


“[ Art Salon Salzburg – an special art event awaits you in the gallery of modern art

Trajceski by Velvenoir

Inspired by the famous Salon de Paris, hosted at the beginning of the 17th century where the artistic elite opened the doors for art collectors and dealers. The Art Salon Salzburg, aims to outline the importance of the profession from an artist, as well as make outstanding art accessible to everyone.

This unique concept, underlines the already existing and enriching arts and cultural scene of Salzburg. The first Art Salon Salzburg launches on Wednesday , April 29, at 7 pm with the Galerist Alexandra Schafer and Ljubisa Trajčeski who will celebrate with 35 artists the opening of the first art salon ever held in Salzburg.

The gallery Trajceski by Velvenoir in the old cast on the northern outskirts of Salzburg aims to present art as intellectual value – For the gallery it’s important to show the artwork and the story behind the pictures, sculptures and photographs.

The cast itself offers more than just white walls, the venue surprises visitors with its charm and uniquness. The over 100 year old historic brick buildings were adapted in recent years, with caution. The industrial character of the building remained standing well received and was supplemented by the latest technology. This interplay of old industrial building and modern architecture provides the perfect foundation for the gallery and the Art Salon Salzburg.

The Salon de Paris was not only an internationally known place to meet for collectors and dealers. Within the years this event became the one „must attend“ event within the art scene. Trajceski by Velvenoir – gallery of modern art Salzburg brings exactly this concept of the Parisian art salon back, but in a modern, innovative and improved form.

Focusing on a harmonious interplay of art, design, music and selected wines of outstanding winemakers the two Galerist and the exhibiting artists will create a unique art experience for all art lovers who attend this event.

For orientation within the unique casting, the gallery owners have a “treasure map” designed, to make it easier for the guests to enjoy their walk of art within the Art Salon Salzburg.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our Art Salon Salzburg.

Warm regards,

Alexandra Schafer & Ljubiša Trajčeski ]”

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